Frequently Asked Questions

The UAE Ministry of Interior (MOI) provides an online service where you can check the accident history of a vehicle. You’ll need the cars Chassis number (VIN). Then visit the MOI website.

1.       Vehicle Test: vehicle inspection for cars older than 3 years old

2.       Insurance Renewal: Insurance must be valid for another year.

3.       Clear Fines: Must pay outstanding fines linked to the vehicle.

4.       Renewal:You can renew the registration through the Abu Dhabi Police website, Tamm or MOI mobile application.


5.       Receive Registration Card: If renewing online or via the app, the registration card will be mailed to you. If renewing at a physical service center, you may be able to get it immediately.

  1. Vehicle Test: vehicle inspection for cars older than 3 years old at a recognized vehicle testing center like Tasjeel.
  2. Insurance Renewal: Insurance must be valid for another year.
  3. Clear Fines: All traffic fines associated with the vehicle need to be paid.
  4. Renewal: Renew the registration via the RTA website, the RTA mobile app, or at customer service centers.
  5. Receive Registration Card: If you renew online, the RTA will send the registration card (Mulkiya) to you via courier. If done at a service center, they usually provide it on the spot.

·       Brakes

·       Lights

·       Tires

·       Steering

·       Windows and Windshields

·       Suspension

·       Chassis and Frame

·       Exhaust Emission.

·       Vehicle Interior

·       Vehicle Exterior

·       Horn


·       Mirrors

Ideally, you should pay off the remaining loan amount to the bank first. Once the loan is cleared, the bank will issue a clearance certificate and notify the Traffic Department that the car mortgage has been released. Then you can proceed and sell the car after that.

Identifying a GCC spec car is simplified by a distinct sticker or metal label adhering to the region’s standards. Commonly found on the B-pillar—specifically, the panel between the front driver’s door and the rear left door—this GCC specification sticker quickly validates the car’s origin. 

The engine number field on the vehicle registration card (Mulkiya) displays “NIL,” instead of the engine number.

You can sell a Dubai-plated car in Abu Dhabi if:

·       The car’s registration is active (not expired).


·       The car’s registration card (Mulkiya) confirms it’s not under a mortgage.

The tires of a vehicle should not be older than 5 years from the manufacturing date to pass the annual inspection test.

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